Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen (the original Bad Guy) - Founder of Bad Guy Inc is a mixed martial arts superstar, author, entrepreneur, television commentator, volunteer coach, and former politician rose to the elite ranks of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Sonnen's brilliant, incisive, and unique viewpoints have made him a favorite of fans, fellow athletes, and lazy journalists. In his spare time, Chael tinkers with the particle accelerator he built in his basement. He was a cast member of the upcoming season of The Celebrity Apprentice and appears regularly as an analyst on ESPN and a commentator for Bellator MMA. Sonnen is the author of the Voice of Reason and the future best selling weight loss book – The Four-Pack Revolution published by Rodale, Dec 2017. His podcasts, You’re Welcome and Beyond the Fight reach upwards of 500,000 people each week.
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