BAD GUY INC UFC 194 Breakdown with Chael Sonnen

Join us for the first Bad Guy Inc Fight Breakdown. Chael Sonnen gives his thoughts on McGregor vs Aldo, Weidman vs Ro...

Phil Baroni tried to attack me

Two weeks ago I was working at the Global Force Pro Wrestling event in Las Vegas when all of a sudden Phil B...

Rousey vs Correia

Few things annoy me more in this sport than when we have to hear THIS IS THE TOUGHEST TEST TO DATE, everytime someone...


Fedor- Just stop. You guys with your excitement refuse to face reality. If you know so much about MMA, go get your p...

T.J. Dillashaw vs Renan Barao

I'm confused why this fight is happening. The first wasn't anticipated, wasn't demanded and wasn’t even close. Oddly,...

Mike Swick

So the year was 2002. I got to Vegas for a fight in REVOLUTION FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP. I didn't know anybody and when ...

Ariel Helwani Phone Call

Ariel and Chael predict PPV numbers for UFC 189.

Conor McGregor Phone Call

Chael Sonnen calls Conor McGregor to find out if he thinks he’ll be fighting Jose Aldo or Chad Mendes.    

Let's Speculate

Aldo hurt his rib, that we know. Is he out? We can only speculate, but why not. Speculation is fun. Aldo is in on the PPV. He he gets a cut as long as he meets predetermined thresholds. The bad news for Aldo is that he has never met even the minimum threshold and thus has never gotten to participate in a back end bonus. This fight will generate a million buys which would convert to a bonus of roughly 3.5 million dollars. So....Hurt or not, will he make the walk?  When your injury reports surface on the web, it may not be an issue of Aldo being tough and gutting it out, it may be one an issue of the Commision stepping in and saying "no go." Whoever within his team leaked the training room information to the media, may have just cost Aldo 3.5 million dollars. Chael
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