6 Reasons Why Wanderlei Silva No-Showed

While driving to the airport to fly to Los Angeles for the Bellator 180 press conference, I received a call. My opponent, Wanderlei Silva, is not coming—again.

Chael Sonnen bad Guy In Wanderlei Silva Beyond the Fight

Although we both know fights need promoting and I’m ready to do my part, he’s apparently not feeling up to doing his. Let’s explore his possible motivations...

1. A battle of wits with Uncle Chael is just plain unfair.

Let’s be honest—Wand can barely string together a coherent thought at this point, never mind engage in a war of words with the CEO of BAD GUY, INC. I give him a pass for this.

2. Wanderlei struggles with jet lag.

It’s a long flight from Brazil.. He’s probably not used to long distance travel anymore. A man has a right to be comfortable.

3. Wanderlei doesn’t like athletic commissions.

Wand’s “best works” were done in Japan years ago, and it’s difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. We can’t blame him for this.

4. Wanderlei needs more time to train.

It’s not uncommon for seeds of doubt to sprout this close to a fight, even for someone as experienced a Wanderlei. I have empathy for him.

5. It's hard to breath in the cargo hold of the plane. 

They crate him, right? It’s also quite nippy in the belly of an airplane—we certainly wouldn’t want Wand to catch a cold. This is common sense.

6. I can’t think of any other reason. Can you?

Missing one press conference? Well, things happen. But refusing to come to the second one could be considered rude. Thankfully, we’re in a sport where manners don’t mean a whole lot.

But now I’m left with one lingering question—will Wanderlei Silva show up on June 24?




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  • You must admit you’re pretty "hard on " him! But from what I hear a “hard man is good to find!”, so give it to him champ!lol

    travis kenny
  • Wanderlei was at Church for Wednesdays in the Word and choir practice.

    Mitchell Schnyder
  • Wand just slammed his last 5 cc’s of Test in his glute before the fight, and sitting on it for the long flight to Brazil would create a nasty roid knot deep in his butt-cheek. Rookie mistake for a Veteran Roider!

    James Staake

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