Rousey vs Correia

Few things annoy me more in this sport than when we have to hear THIS IS THE TOUGHEST TEST TO DATE, everytime someone fights. News flash, NOT EVERY FIGHT IS THE PERSONS TOUGHEST. In this case for Ronda, it's accurate.

Not enough has been made about the fact that Ronda is defending her championship in Brazil. Home court advantage is not always an advantage, but when it's a Brazilian in Brazil, it matters.

Bethe is a shorter fighter for the weight class which makes getting underneath more of a challenge. Any takedown first requires getting your elevation lower than your opponents so your opponent being shorter gives them an automatic advantage when it comes to wrestling defense. In addition, the shorter arms come with an increase in punching power and Bethe has great body shots than can really show a person down if they connect.

Also of note is Bethe's willingness to be in this contest. Most fighters have to face Ronda as oppose to wanting to face Ronda. Bethe has been calling for and even begging for this fight. I think the gap between Ronda and the rest of the field is pretty wide, but I can agree that this is THE TOUGHEST FIGHT OF HER CAREER.

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