Fedor- Just stop.

You guys with your excitement refuse to face reality. If you know so much about MMA, go get your promoters license and jump in the game. It's only a 100 bucks, so go. GO. Right now Fedor fans GO...

You are still here, so I'll take that as an admittance that you concede to my opinion and here it is:

Fedor is 3-3 in sanctioned fights, which means he is 3-3. Secondly, he's not a draw. As mad as you'd like to be at that statement, it's true. His numbers aren't great and aside from the hardcore fans, he's not recognized.

What really surprises me is when the old time fighters vouch for him not realizing that they themselves suck. This sport goes fast. If you take a year off, you are passed up. I hear guys from a decade ago (or more) acting like their era was worth remembering let alone comparing it to this one.

Now hurry and reply to me telling me how great the 3-3 guy is as opposed to getting that $100 license.

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