Mike Swick

So the year was 2002. I got to Vegas for a fight in REVOLUTION FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP. I didn't know anybody and when I got to the hotel I introduced myself to the first person that looked like me (fight T-shirt, scars, charming). He shakes my hand and says "hi I'm Mike Swick."

We end up going to dinner and after hit the blackjack tables. It served as our biggest motivation to compete hard because we lost our money in a few bad hands and knew we had to make up for it win bonuses. I remember thinking "this guy is to nice to be good at this sport" but he had had 7 fights (mostly kickboxing) and at that time it was almost impossible to find competition. We both won and after went our separate ways.

Three years later THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER debuted and that was the next time I saw him. Randy Couture was my Coach in Oregon and also served as Mikes Coach on TUF. After the show wrapped Mike came out to Oregon and trained with us for a couple weeks. Everybody enjoyed him and his kickboxing was a much higher level than what we were use to. Mike made his run in the UFC he began choking opponent after opponent out with a move he called the SWICK-A-TINE. It was a nasty little guillotine choke that he had fine tuned for himself. Yesterday, Mike Swick retired from fighting and I thought it was appropriate to share my story with him. What's yours?

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